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In Australia they have a lottery called "Slikpik". 18 4, 8:32pm

I suddenly start to understand why Holland keeps accusing me, Twenthe, of speaking Danish (or Scandinavian in general).

Slik/Slikke/Slikker/Slikkerye/Slikkergood, are words for: candy
Slik/Slikn/Slikkern/Slikkerye, are words for the ferb: to suckel or sabbel

and pik is, just as in any other proper self-respecting Germanic language d*ck.

Ironically when confronted with Twentish texts Holland asks me, staight faced, why I'm wrighting Swedish, eventhough he constantly calls me "that half German" though Google claims Norwegian.
I'm slowly starting to suffer a identity crisis, Twentish actually sounds like Enlish pronounced German, or the other way around.

Tuvænsk is den nye wærldspråke!