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Thank you so much Petrov 21 4, 5:52am


1) An "obsolete" nuclear missile is still enough to ruin your day. The North Koreans have "obsolete" nuclear weapons and a delivery system still in the 1950's, yet it's still a threat.
2) The US had ceased to back Batista, as Eisenhower was fed up with him and wanted him gone. Castro wouldn't have had anything to fear from the US if he wasn't anti-American and was slightly less awful than Batista.
3) While there are different levels of heroism, it's still heroic to do a job under extreme pressure.
4) Also, as an aside, I've also heard rumors that the Soviets accidentally left a few nuclear warheads in Cuba for a few years (though they did recover them later), but I'm not sure how true that is.