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Finland consumes the most coffee per capita in the whole wor 3 5, 11:08pm

@snow2nose We're both drinking hella' lot of Koffee. It's a tie if you ask me. I LOVE koffee more than any sort of drink.Though, I can't drink mutch of it. Because of my Young age. But I really love it. I really do. We drink it every day, all day, on our way to work, on our work, and after work. And of course, on our dayily traditional "fika". You've maybe Heard of that? We sit down, talk, having a good time maybe have some cookies och a sandwisch you get it. I don't want to say anyone drink more koffee than enyone in the Nordic, really. And that's pretty typical Swedish to Think, haha. That's what I Think. We drink the most koffee in the whole World. we, Finland and Sweden. Now, let's go and bully the others for not chowing any interest in sutch a wonderful Culture as koffee, chall we?

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