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Oh no he didn't 10 5, 6:07am

To those of you who have been affected by racism:

I am deeply sorry for what my race has done. I am not sure where the bias against non-whites began, but it was almost certainly thousands of years ago. The Roman Empire and their brutality, the Greeks with 'democracy' (only a very specific group of people could vote and slavery was encouraged), etc. were all contributors to the racism that is experienced today. Even the concept of Europe and Asia as separate continents results from the Greeks deciding that everything west of them was 'superior'.

Things got worse in the colonial era with the British, Dutch, Belgian, French, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Austrian-Hungarian empires. White people often glorify Winston Churchill, but what they don't know (or choose not to know) is that he was heavily biased against Indians, even going so far as diverting food from Bengal to Britain when a severe famine swept through the region, leading to four million deaths. That is not a good leader. That is genocide and it is abhorrent that white people ignore it.

I could literally go on forever about this. There are hundreds, perhaps even thousands of examples that demonstrate the inferiority of white people. There was the Nazi regime in Germany, genocide against Muslims in Yugoslavia, genocide against Native Americans during the colonial period, even the idiot who decided that there were five races and that whites were 'superior'. People believed him for centuries! The English enslaved the Aboriginal Australians, the Jutes enslaved the Celts, the Belgians enslaved the Congolese, the list goes on and on.

White people are clearly the scum of the Earth, and we continue to deny it and be racist towards people of other skin colors and religions. For this reason, I am ashamed to be one of them. If your ethnicity was oppressed by white people and was not mentioned above, I apologize. Please let me know.