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Finland consumes the most coffee per capita in the whole wor 18 5, 3:27am

@EUcomicartist Nah:
1. Finland 12.0 kg
2 Norway 9.9 kg
3. Iceland 9.0 kg (2006 data)
4 Denmark 8.7 kg
5 Netherlands8.4 kg
6 Sweden 8.2 kg

See? *Totally* got Sweden beat! We drink coffee 2.1 kg more than Norway, 3 kg more than Iceland, 3.3 kg more than Denmark, 3.6 more than Netherlands and 3.8 kg more than Sweden. Now, try to get your tie with *Netherlands* and a little more to at least get in the top 5 with *all* the other Nordics. You don't get to tie with another Nordic country with Netherlands drinking more coffee than you do and every other Nordic country drinks more coffee than Netherlands.

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