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Fun for the whole family 19 5, 12:26pm

Oh, I am just telling jokes here, rest assured. :D
(Canadian's love of humor and stand-up comedy doesn't seem to have made it into Humon's stereotype version of us yet. ;) Admittedly I can't presently think of a good way to do a SatW-style comic about stand-up comedy, oddly enough).
If I'm mocking anything, it's this character of "Denmark" specifically in this short series of comics about theme park mascots. No general assumptions of stupidity implied... but some big mental blind spots that are relevant here, perhaps. ;)

If I'm to be honest, we don't know that much about Denmark, or hear about you that often in our news, to have formed any real firm stereotypes about your people. (Although things like having the UN vote you "happiest country" or "most livable country" a few times ... and that you basically have permanent residence in the top 5 of those studies... For the little that we do know about you, our opinion is very positive.

Humon has already pretty much nailed how we think of you folks, actually:

So yeah, we think you're a GREAT little country! We... uh... just don't actually know that much ABOUT you on the whole, sorry. ^_^;

Now... if only SOMEONE would make an amusing and adorable little webcomic to teach the whole world little bite-sized bits of knowledge about your country, your relationship with your close neighbors, and how you fit into the larger world... all in an entertaining and enjoyable manner to make sure we come back for more laughs and don't think too much about how we're actually learning quite a lot between the chuckles... ;)