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The Easy Way 2 6, 8:58am

@Mintie *cough*WBBC*cough*
I myself am I pretty dedicated Christian and I’ve never shoved it in peoples faces with HUGE symbols but I do talk about my religion very openly, even asking for prayers on social media when someone I care about is in trouble. I thankfully have never really had any trouble from people because my religion, unless you count someone mistaking stereotype for fact leading to awkward questions but then after some polite explaining everything is all good. I guess it’s just where I come from, everyone in my community is pretty open about their beliefs and religious backgrounds and know that stereotypes don’t define a person and that no one believes 100% the same thing even if they share the same religion. Heck, one of my friends is antheist but loves the Bible because he believes it contains a good moral code and a “great guide on how to deal with a*sholes” but just can’t wrap his mind around the idea of God

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