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George Washington called a ceasefire during the Revolutionar 4 6, 12:17pm

Because it's polite?
Just because we're shooting at each other, that doesn't mean we can't be civil about it. ^_^

There are war stories about both sides taking Christmas day off, and sending each other booze. Even rarer ones about them all getting together to celebrate in one group.

Also consider; you have the enemy general's dog that wandered over to your side. You didn't try and capture it, but you have it now, and so you must deal with it. What ELSE are you going to do with it? Hold the dog for ransom? It's not really valuable enough to gain anything useful (unless the enemy general is insane). Shoot it? Why? What did that poor dog ever do to you? It's clearly no threat, nor is it responsible for the war in any way; it's an innocent party.
Giving the dog back is one of the least complicated ways to get rid of it... and might even buy you some good will and civility treatment later if things go poorly and that general has to decide how well to treat his prisoners.