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Wife-Carrying is a actual Finnish sport. 22 6, 12:44pm


Women are a mysterious combination of romantic and pragmatic.

Spending the rest of her days living in abject poverty and misery is not, and will never be, attractive to her.

By contrast, traditional romantic gestures are most often considered more meaningful based on the time, effort, thought, and yes monetary value that went into them.

Wanting to live the remainder of your life in reasonable comfort is not, by itself, an unreasonable thing. Arguably it's a less-urgent scale of the self-preservation instinct we all have.

It's also tied to our family drives; where is the man she is confident can provide for her and any children she has in the future? In line at the unemployment office? likely not. By contrast, the man in line at the Mercedes dealership most likely would not struggle to feed her and 2-3 kids, dress them warmly, give them a safe and comfortable home life, get them into good schools, put them on the road to a bright future, etc.

I didn't make the world as it is, my friend, but I'm not convinced it's completely broken either. There are reasons for things, and the reasons aren't always bad ones.

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