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Nice Guys Finish Last 5 7, 1:27pm

@ShifterCat Sharia Law then? Pope and his abusive pedophile priests hiding in the Vatican?I do not know about you but that to me sounds a heck of a lot of cult behavior. Sure not all are of same degree and not all of them hold every and all aspects but they do not need to either.

There is a reason why most cults describe themselves as religious because religioins hold the elements of cults within them. It is easy to control people by claiming there is a being of surreal power and its saying is law and its will ought to be your will. Community reinforces another.

But people often think of cults in a linear fashion. In my field of studies, Psychology, we actually find out that even some governments previous (USSR) and current (North-Korea) could be classified as cults. Even some working environments lend heavy elements from cultish behaviors and modus operandi. Not everything is a cult, far from it of course, but there are more of them and not all of them call themselves as one. That is perhaps also why vulnerable people are vulnerable, because they may not perceive differences in healthy and unbealthy interaction and social environments. In other words they might be vulnerable because they seem familiar rather than unusual.