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Nice Guys Finish Last 13 7, 5:35pm

@Think_Tank Because religions give an outlet, a justification for people to live out their violent fantasies. It is no more different than say Communism or The Truth cult in China. What happens when you entertain and indulge a mentally ill person to not only in their dyscunctions but even going so far as to tell them their dysfunctions are exactly what they ought to do?

If religions were not naturally selfish, created from and for to serve the self-indulgent, if religions gave a flying damn about these issues then you would not still see the same scriptures that allow this venue. But they do, and they do because for all the marketing and speeches of grandiosity that is all in reality nothing more than pointless-, meaningless-, shallow lip service designed to satisfy ones emotions and flatter ones ego. Yet it insults the intelligence of an outsider observer as though they were either too stupid to understand what is right in front of them or then blind to it.

Your analogy is fallacious Conjunction fallacy and therefore not quite so applicable as you wish to use it for. A " black " thug is " black " because they are... drum sounds... " black ". They are not " white " because they are " black ", or " black " because they are " white ".

At least you could have tried to muddy the waters for your favor and say they are not thugs because they are " black " which is true, but even then that analogy is not very solid. There is no thug ideology or thug religion and yes in fact we do have law which adamantly proposes an opposition to crime from anyone. So you kind of shot yourself in your own foot with that analogy and now you wonder why your foot hurts.

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