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Getting there fast 11 8, 1:05am

@CorruptUser Yeah, no. Both Iran and Saudi Arabia are far from be perfect but between them, Saudi Arabia is worse in everything, not to mention that it is an absolute Monarchy. Affirmed by international organizations and foundations, you don't have to be very smart to see that Iran is much closer to a democracy than Saudi Arabia and its neighbors.
And here are some of the proofs:
Unlike Saudi Arabia, women in Iran have the right to vote, drive and travel alone. Women have served in Parliament and in Government (Marzieh Vahid-Dastjerdi). They have the right to education and can attend universities, unlike in Saudi Arabia.
-This year, on International Women's Day, Iranian President Hasan Rohani spoke live on television and criticized those who consider women a threat, saying that Iran has "a long way to go" and that "no will accept the culture of sexual discrimination. " "According to Islamic standards, man is not the strongest sex and the woman is not the weakest," he said.
-In relation to human rights, Iran is light years better than Saudi Arabia.
That Iran is against certain countries does not make it worse than others.
- In Saudi Arabia there is religious intolerance, in Iran Christians are the second religion.
And as for Assad, well, he may like you, he maybe not, he may look like a dictator for you, maybe not, but this dicator was elected by his people again and again by most of them. A dictator? Well, a democratically elected dictator.