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Getting there fast 11 8, 3:25pm


Not the west, Primarily the Orange Fart. Which does seem odd as Iran and his master are on quite good terms, unless Putin is thinking with the war in Syria pretty much won its time to do a back-stab?

There are some pretty nasty extremist scum in Iran but relatively low in number. Unfortunately their the ones in power so they tend to suppress attempts at reform that the bulk of the population want.

Agree that Saudi is a vile regime and disappointed that no one is supporting Canada against the latest round of idiotic insults and threats from Saudi. Mostly their hurting themselves as the students and people require medical treatment will suffer worse and they will have to pay more for food by blocking purchases from Canada. However that implied threat of terrorist attack is both evil and bloody stupid.

Its also worrying that having finally made a step towards some rights for women their now abusing people looking to improve human rights in the country. :(