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Your not going to abolish it successfully unless you manage to get an autocratic world state, which I would definitely prefer to avoid. As long as there are multiple states, while some might seek cheap labour to do the jobs, including the ones most people would want to avoid then there will be longer term advantages in automation.

Part of the problem is cultural. If there's few options for doing things you want to do and in many countries a culture that the only way to have 'respect' is to be doing some sort of paid work it causes problems when either you have a lot of unemployed or people in low paid and soul destroying jobs who look for some sort of escape. Coupled with if there's no real identification with their community and hence a moral values system that encourages people to spend their free time in non-negative ways.

Increasing automation will come. Some nations/states will lag behind and they and their people will suffer as a result. Those who accept automation will need to adapt to change, by providing outlets for frustration and plenty of options for people to find things to do with their time. However they will do better than those who offer their populations, whether unemployed or in dead-end jobs, no hope for a better future.