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Getting there fast 11 8, 4:33pm

@CorruptUser Assad is popular among the REAL syrian people(not the fake rebels from other invading countries) unlike what the lying mainstream media tells people. America has been getting in to non stop wars in the middle east under the pretense of "freedom and democracy" and you still havent figured it out? if they are so worried about dictators why arent they taking out the other various dictators in africa? plenty of dictators there but no one cares . because israel doesnt care therefore they dont matter

but syria matters because they are right next to israel and they arent in good terms with israel. and israel is an imperialistic country that wants to expand its borders which is why syria is a target. america does whatever israel wants
libya was a target because they tried to challenge the petro dollar and so was iraq. not to mention the war makes money for the establishment. they literally make profit out of more war