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Getting there fast 11 8, 5:02pm

@TeXaSBoI check this out theres a type of gene that makes you more conformist and collectivist(and more suspicious of outsiders) . in east asia this gene is VERY common but in sweden its almost non existent. even more non existent than in other western countries. . .
russia actually has quite a bit of this gene , more than other western countries which explains why they are also more closed off even though they are a western country as well. (maybe the reason they have more of this gene compared to other western countries, is because they intermixed with asians more in the past)

swedes are too individualistic. which is why they dont know how to look at things from a bird's eye view to see whats going on. they see individuals instead of seeing people in groups....and that is going to be their undoing

of course you should treat people as individuals but you should also have the awareness and ability to see things in the bird's eye view and see patterns and groups in order to protect yourself and your country as well