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Getting there fast 11 8, 5:42pm

@stevep59 his master isnt putin. thats a deliberate misdirection propagated by the main stream media. his true master is netenyahu. israel hates iran thats why trump is war mongering against iran.
its not just a trump problem. all the western media has been pro war and the wars in the middle east have been going on since long before trump. the wars are for israels sake why do you think they deliberately target all of israel's neighboring enemies? ...saudi arabia is an ally of israel so they dont target saudi arabia
thats what happens when you have so many duel citizenship israelis in the govt... i mean ivanka, jered, the people in charge of the american federal reserve, chuck schumer ALL have defacto israeli citizenship.

and then theres the evengalical christians that have religious reasons for wanting to support israel.....some states are literally trying to make laws that ban people (like #BDS) from boycotting israeli goods . its ridiculous.
europe isnt immune either. they went in to the wars in the middle east as well and a scottish guy recently got locked up just because he made a joke video where he taught his dog how to do the nazi salute