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Getting there fast 12 8, 2:17pm


Uh, no. Assad was hated and a civil started without "fake rebels from other invading countries". The people that supported Assad only did so because they either thought he'd win or they saw the other sides as being worse. As the war dragged on and, yes, foreigners showed up to fight, it became clear that the only rebel groups that had any organization were those affiliated with Al Qaeda, which to many Syrians made Assad the lesser of three evils (the third being the Kurds who, if you were Arab, weren't exactly friendly).

And Iran vs SA? SA started in a much more backwards place and has been moving forwards (slowly) with women's and minority rights, where the entire selling point of the Iranian regime was that it was a return to harsher times. SA does preach and promote Salafism, but it should be noted that the non-Saudi Salafists have turned on SA since 1990 when SA "wore the cross" and let the coalition use Saudi soil in booting Saddam out of Kuwait, and at this point the Iranians have been giving more support to the Salafis than the Saudis have. It's... complicated, but Iran is more than happy to keep Sunnis murdering each other so long as they aren't pointed at Iran. And SA didn't have the "Basij", a literal army of children sent to run into minefields and sniper fire.

As for Israel; seriously dood, you try to insert the topic into every discussion.