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You have a very narrow view of the last few decades in the ME. Yes Bush junior was stupid to try and complete what his father failed to do in removing Saddam but otherwise the interventions have been very limited and have largely been for humanitarian reasons. It has been the lack of will for this that has meant so little has been done against extreme groups in the region or to prevent human suffering. [Then when it has its been done its often been in such a incompetent method that very little has been successful.] After all by your standards Iran would have been invaded decades ago.

Similarly the big intervention in recent years has been by Putin in Syria, to support a ruthless dictatorship.

I don't see the relevance of an idiot in Scotland teaching his dog a Nazi salute?

There is a problem with growing reactionary Christianity in the US, which for its own deluded ideas have supported Israel, even as the latter has verged from its liberal democratic foundations to a more bigoted and exclusive state, making it more like its neighbours. :( Part of this may be in reaction to the continued growth of reactionary Islam, especially since 79, but part I think because of a decline in liberal ideas in the US. Elsewhere in the western world liberalism is still reasonably strong and a classic example is the decline if not collapse of church power in Ireland, aided by the massive evidence of its moral corruption.