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Getting there fast 12 8, 11:47pm

@CorruptUser yes i do. because israel is behind most of what is going on in the middle east. the fact that you ARENT bringing up israel just shows how ignorant you are about the whole situation in the middle east. you dont do any research on things beyond using western mainstream sources thats why you are so ignorant on geopolitical issues.
there are WAY worse dictators than assad around the world but they focus on assad the most because of geopolitical reasons. the same reason they attack iran but not saudi arabia. all because israel hates iran and syria.

you are right that it started as an internal rebellion i'll give you that but america and the CIA are pretty famous for using backdoor methods(funding rebels, spreading misinformation in the country , sanctioning the country to make the population unhappy etc. etc.) to incite rebellion that normally wouldn't have happened without their interference. but those rebels are the minority . majority of ordinary syrians support assad

look what happened to Gaddafi and Libya. all day, everyday they smear Gadaffi as a dictator. but now look whats happened to libya after gaddaffi was killed. it went from the MOST prosperous nation in africa to an absolute poverty stricken hellhole that is in constant war with terrorists everywhere, and that has f'ing child slavery now.

assad is the ONLY thing in syria stopping this from happening in the country. if assad goes, syria is finished and will become like Libya and Afghanistan. absolute hellholes.