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Getting there fast 13 8, 3:27am


1) When a news source is government owned, it's de facto not independent. So that kinda rules out Al Jazeera and RT, etc
2) As bad as Western MSM is, it's still lightyears ahead of the non-Western media
3) In terms of wealth, Saudi Arabia has Israel beat a couple times over and spends far more on influencing external powers, and Iran has about the same GDP but spends even more externally (which leads one of the biggest gripes the Iranians have; that their government cares more about meddling in foreign affairs than helping Iranians). Then there's Syria, Turkey, Iraq, Russia, Egypt, Jordan, etc etc, all of which have their own spending and foreign affairs. If you honestly think Israel more powerful and influential internationally than any other, let alone all of them combined, you are assuming they must have some sort of supernatural or superhuman abilities that other countries and people don't. The reality is that everyone in the Mid-East screwing over everyone else, and when they work at cross purposes, that's just them working at cross purposes and not some nefarious plot by the Israelis.