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Getting there fast 14 8, 12:57pm

@CorruptUser no. contrary to popular belief, corporate owned media is actually less reliable than govt owned media(from non western countries). i know its hard to believe but you actually have to watch them both to see it. i have seen both and thats the conclusion i myself came to.

you might come to a different conclusion but in order to do that, you need to actually WATCH other sources more. DIVERSIFY your news sources instead of stupidly limiting yourself to a single source(western establishment MSM)

corporate owned media only has their own agenda that they will push. their own economic agenda. but at least govt owned media has to answer to the public to a certain degree.

either way they both have bias thats why you should try to diversify your news sources as much as possible. and you dont even have to watch other govt owned news sources from other countries. even watching more smaller independent news sources like secular talk or jimmy dore on youtube would be better than the BS propaganda that is western MSM

israel GDP is less but you forget about all the extremely rich international zionists who are de facto citizens of isreal and who often work for israel's interests.