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Getting there fast 14 8, 1:43pm

@CorruptUser no im not assuming israel has super natural powers. but i know that they have a lot of powerful and rich religious christian puppets as well as powerful and rich de facto duel citizenship israelis in other countries working for their bests interests.

its very obvious when you pay close attention to whats going on and what sort of polices are being passed in western countries that benefit israel far more than they benefit their own country.....

do you know that america gives israel billions of dollars for free every year for absolutely no reason? do you know that israel's lobby group AIPAC is the only foreign lobby group in america that doesnt have to register as a foreign agent?
did you know that netenyahu himself BRAGGED about getting trump to pull out of the iran deal? do you know that some american states have tried to make it ILLEGAL to boycott israeli goods? and you seriously think israel has no power.....

all the wars in the middle east. none of them benefit america. they only benefit israel. these are clearly israel's wars that america is fighting

i understand you dont know about this. most people dont you only really pick this up if you follow geopolitics everyday.