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Getting there fast 15 8, 5:12am

@stevep59 lol you are still falling for western MSM BS. they said the same thing about gaddaffi. and now what has happened to libya after he's gone? stop being brainwashed by the lies of the western MSM.

what reform? name what assad has done that is so wrong ? attack protesters? america's done that. remember when a girl lost her arm when protesting against dakota pipeline(because they used powerful water pumps?). besides 99% of the non western world treat protestors the same crappy way (name one that doesnt)why only pick on assad... ?
chemical attacks? that one was a false flag lie and its very obvious. especially when you look at the suspicious timing that it happened ie. it always happens when assad is gaining ground which is always the worse time for assad to use it and invite international interference against him. . suspicious isnt it? besides once again if you actually did some independent research on it you would find out that america uses chemical weapons in the middle east as well

america supports 75% of the world's dictatorship do not pretend that they are trying to overthrow assad for humanitarian reasons. STOP ONLY WATCHING WESTERN MSM . DIVERSIFY YOUR NEWS SOURCES.
this is why you are so ignorant about the situation because you dont do any independent research in to whats going on. you only watch the propaganda that is western msm