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Getting there fast 15 8, 10:59pm

@cdub ok go live in saudi arabia then
seriously stop trying to defend the indefensible just because you have a saudi husband. you probably went to a more modern area but most of the country is still backwards as crap. there are still PLENTY of areas in saudi arabia where you cant go out without a male guardian. have you tried living in more rural areas? actually LIVING there and not just visiting a few days as a tourist?

and even that modern area you went to is still not impressive literally every country has all those rights for women that you just not here to list off what saudi women can do. im here to list off what saudi women cannot do and SHOULD be able to do.
and thats not even talking about the wife beating and rapes that are common place in the country. you say it happens in every country. but you know full well that it happens in some countries far more than it happens in others.

god damn it, why do i always feel like western women are always fighting for feminism in the wrong places.? feminism is no longer necessary in the west, yet there are so many crazy feminists in america but saudi arabia a country that needs feminism THE MOST has silly american women like you rushing to its defense. what are you people? masochists or something? why are the males supporting me on this, more than the females? maybe the rumors are true that females like to tear each other down.

saudi arabia has legit the worst female rights in the world-no other country comes close. im not going to give them praise just for having a FEW rights for women (that they are supposed to have anyway) . im going to tear them down for the rights they HAVENT given to women. if we only ever focused on the positive when it comes to female rights, females would never have gotten the right to vote in the west . the west already had plenty of female rights(certainly more than saudi arabia) by the time the protests came that allowed women the right to vote

besides, the saudis have also spreading their extremist wahabbi beliefs all over the muslim world and they are opening mosques and funding terrorists. stop defending them