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Getting there fast 16 8, 10:51pm

@yoisi Please do tear Saudi down for the rights that they don't give to women. But please do so accurately. Saudi women can and do go out of the house without a male guardian with them, and could and did before the driving ban was lifted. Driving for women was actually more permitted in rural areas, my guess due to the distance from authority and the reality of living on a farm. I'm all for women's rights/rights in general - I have a few in mind that I feel Saudi urgently needs to get up to speed on (abolishing the male guardian, family rights, freedom of religion, etc) - but I'm quite tired of hearing one story from Saudi women's rights activists and another from Western media. I'm curious to know where you get your information from.

And I would be happy to live there someday :-) The career opportunities for me are great, the people are friendly, and the country is progressing rather than regressing like some others I can think of.

(it would also be good for you to learn what an ad hominem fallacy is).