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Getting there fast 16 8, 11:55pm

@cdub got my information from documentaries, news and a bit of common sense. men from Syria and Afghanistan already have so much disrespect for women(the rape rates in europe have skyrocketed because of them) and saudi arabia practices a much more extremist sect of islam (wahabbism) than they do so, i simply put the treatment of women in saudi arabia at a lower bar than i do for the syrian and afghanistan people which is already very low to begin with.
My parents came from a moderate muslim(even secular ) country and i still hate that place. saudi arabia is 100X more conservative so i have very low expectations for them

saudi arabia practices the same extremist islamic sect as the one that isis practices. you know that right? a country that still beheads people in the public square for witchcraft and that constantly funds terrorists around the world(thats a fact. pay attention to geopolitics more. saudi arabia funds a lot of the terrorists in syria), is not a country id trust to have even moderate woman's rights.

like i said its probably a more modern part of saudi arabia you went to, that doesnt need male guardians for females to go out anymore.
but you need to separate "law" from "functionality",. even if by law women can drive or go out without their husbands in rural areas the chances are ,in practice their husbands dont let them or thatd get beaten up by the "morality police" for doing so.

but by all means. go live in saudi arabia and prove me wrong.... make sure you live in a super rural area too :D.