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Getting there fast 17 8, 12:34am

sure i know what ad hominem is. what about it? i did use logical arguments , though i did throw a little bit of personal attacks in there i admit... but am i factually wrong with those attacks? i dont think so. western women tend to try to defend truly crappy and REAL misogynistic cultures and then attack their own people for being misogynistic even though their own countries are far more free. im sick of this behavior.

it makes me sick when i see feminists in the west attacking their own western men for supposed misogyny all day, every day and then turn around and try to defend the nijabs and hijabs which are TRUE symbols of misogyny as well as defending and inviting in refugees that have made europe's crime and rape rates skyrocket.
and they call themselves feminists after messing up the lives of the females in the country just to defend some backwards religion? PLEASE. . theres just so much double standards .

im angry because the first person i see trying to defend these backwards misogynistic cultures is ALWAYS a western women. ALWAYS without fail... thats why i said women like to tear other women down even when they self proclaim themselves to be feminists. . btw did you get some saudi friends to downvote me or did you create 3 other accounts to downvote me or what?

maybe by law the women dont need a male guardian to go out but functionally they still do in many less modern places in the country. why do you think you often see videos of saudi streets that have like NO women around? thats not normal

and do you have anything to say about the fact that they just jailed or even gave death sentences to the feminists who worked so hard to try to get the right to drive? stop defending this country just cause its your husbands homeland