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National Animal Show 19 9, 9:02pm

To be fair, Finland has a national everything.

National animal (mammal): bear
National bird: whooper swan
National tree: silver birch
National flower: lily of the valley
National fish: redfin perch
National insect (!): seven-spot ladybird
National butterfly (not an insect apparently): holly blue
National STONE (!!!): granite
National horse: Finnhorse
National dog: Finnish Spitz

We could not come to an agreement about the national cow.

We also have...
...a national poet, a national author, a national composer, a national artist (a painter), aaaaaand a national PHILOSOPHER.

And all of our 19 provinces have a provincial plant, a provincial fish, a provincial bird, a provincial stone and a provincial lake. Most of them also have a provincial land animal (a mammal). All of them have a provincial anthem and a provincial coat of arms.

Just to clarify, we take this sort of a thing very seriously. Just in case you have not already noticed.