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National Animal Show 21 9, 1:13am

@CorruptUser Totaly true for the ethymology, it is believe that when the Roman arrived in then Gaule, they call it that way because apparently every peasants everywhere has chickens, hence they nicknamed us by it.

However, the national animal is not the fighting cock, but the most pompous, sophisticated bred of the very ancient race called the "gauloise doré" (golden gallus, latin name gallus gallus) Which is also a very rustic breed, good to lay eggs and good to eat. It suits us much better than a breed one's can hardly chomp and that doesn't make eggs all year.

One of our most iconic humorist said about it: "The Cock is our nationnal animal, you know why? Because it's the only bird that will sing when he's standing with two feets in shit." (Coluche)