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Not so holy cross 16 10, 11:40pm


There are far fewer people on the Faroe islands. Even if they all hunted whales, it wouldn't be as much as just a relatively few Japanese.

Interestingly, the Japanese whaling is OUR fault. When rebuilding Japan, we (the US, Australia, Canada, and everyone else occupying the place) decided that in order to quickly get a cheap source of food while people will still starving half to death, they should hunt whales. A few years later, we decided that whales were more special than other sea creatures for some reason, and told them to stop. Japan had had about enough of being constantly told how to behave, and practically declared whaling to be a sacred tradition. It's a bit of an issue now, since few people actually want to eat whale and most Japanese actually are sick of whaling, but there's said national pride aspect, and that it's an utter humiliation in Japan to ever have to fire people even if it's clear that the department of whaling needs to go.

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