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Hi Quebec 24 10, 3:37am

Someone made an interesting observation once:
The USA is a relatively young country, pretty much a teenager as countries go. We can also observe that as a nation, they have a lot of problems and poor processes that are common to adolescence as well. Lack of maturity, Overly opinionated, delusions of immortality & infallibility, a rebellious attitude regardless of if there is anything to rebel against, being thoroughly convinced that they are extremely special and unique in this world... but for reasons that are common to almost every other country in the world as well?

"We have a Constitution!" "Dude... EVERY country has one, more or less the same, except for some minor details like not having a need to expressly say slavery isn't right, or promising that every unbalanced redneck who can barely spell his own name and sincerely believes that aliens abducted him to sodomize him while he was drunk, instead of his closeted buddy Earl, has permission to carry a loaded firearm anywhere he goes."

"New York is like nowhere else! We have people from all over the world!" "So... pretty much like every other city on the planet then? Well... immigrants of colour tend to gather up in large cities because they're less likely to get harassed or even assaulted by rednecks who like their small towns exclusively white. I suppose that's a bit less common in global terms."