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Language Lesson 6 11, 11:31am

No, he means the wall on the Mexican border.
Not a remotely new idea, much older than Trump's campaign.
Abandoned by every single previous twit who thought to push it because:
1) it would be monstrously expensive, the equivalent of 20 Hoover Dams, and that is only just to build it, through mountains, across rivers, and right through the center of populated towns. And ever-after, it will still cost a fortune to man, and maintain; their great-great-grandchildren will still be paying for it long after the opportunistic politicians who pushed for it are finally dead.
2) The US cannot reasonably afford to build it: If you think the US national debt (currently $21.48 trillion and climbing every year) is shameful and frightening, this project will probably double it before the wall were even complete.
3) it wouldn't keep Mexicans out anyway (most arrive by plane in the current century).
4) It would actually continuously INCREASE the number of illegal immigrants living in the USA by making it harder for them to GO BACK HOME! (as more stringent boarder security already has. "If I leave the US, they won't let me back in again later, so I guess I'll stay here?")
5) almost 1/3 of the current US states (by land area, not by number of states; all in the southwest) are formally Mexico, so a very large % of these brown-skinned, Spanish-speaking folks never crossed a border to begin with; the boarder crossed them.
6) America needs their labour (seems every few decades the US government goes back and forth between inviting them in and trying to throw them back out).
7) Mexico's economy is actually quite healthy these days, and illegal immigration to the USA has never been lower.

Or if you want it much shorter:
A) It costs WAY more than the US can afford.
B) It wouldn't solve the problem anyway, &
C) The "problem" isn't much of one.