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Good Business 8 11, 3:59pm

@Hinoron Names are altered for every language. Mary and Miriam are the same name; so are Jesus and Joshua. It all depends on how names are relayed. John comes from the Hebrew Yochanan through the Greek Ioannes and is also called Juan, Johannes, Johan, Jan, Jon, Yannick, Ivo, Ivan, Evan, Sion, Sean, Gianni, Hans, Janek, Yannis, and Ian in other languages.

In addition, the trans-African slave trade of women for concubinage was not very well established at the turn of the first millennium. The DNA of the ancient and classical people of the Levant most closely resembles modern Sardinians. They were, quite simply, very white. Not as pale as Nordic people but the same complexions of most Greeks and Italian Romans. They did have dark hair and dark eyes, but it was impossible to tell that a Jew was not a Greek or a Roman by their appearance. If a rare lighter-haired Roman appeared, then they couldn't be confused with a Jew, but the reverse was not the case at all.