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Cows are the real pollution 10 11, 5:36pm


Too long with too many corrupt politicians in control. Especially since 79. Helped [or they are] by a lack of realistic opposition with Labour going deep into the hard left and the Lib Dems committed to political suicide first by the destructive alliance with the Tories and since then with the commitment to submission to the EU under all circumstances. :(

Acheson's famous line was only half accurate. Some publicity aside the empire was never that important for Britain but we're lost both sight of our traditional role and a sense of identity, which has allowed a lot of nasty things to happen, both internally and externally. That's why you have a mess with a weak and bitterly divided Tory party making such a mess of the Britexit non-negotiations, which is likely to continue to cost the ordinary people of the country for a long time in the future. :(