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Cows are the real pollution 14 11, 11:38pm

To be honest, WE don't think we're handlling Brexit very well either. It's turning into a complete fustercluck which should absolutely terrify everyone in the UK. If you're British and not crapping yourself hollow at what's going on, you really haven't been listening for the past two and a half years. Our choices are now basically cut off our nose to spite our face (Bad Deal), or the economic equivalent of ritual seppuku while driving a Routemaster bus crammed with C4 over the white cliffs of Dover (No Deal).

Well, I -say- 'our' choices - it's the decision of the swivel-eyed window-lickers in the government who drove us into this mess in the first place. And they're fighting among themselves like a burning sack of rabid wolverines hopped up on a five-drug cocktail. We are sooooooo beyond screwed.

Still - this is what happens when the Leave campaign lies pathologically, panders ragingly to racists' base fears and breaks every campaigning law it can. Right-wingers are like Magic players who favour mono Black - they'll do anything to win, just as long as they do.

Sorry I missed you at MCM London by the way - I was meaning to spin by and say hello, but was completely deflated by being effectively locked out of the Critical Role panels, and my head was in no fit state.