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Cows are the real pollution 15 11, 5:04pm


Well since the voterbase is probably still to leave that won't change much. Its a problem of the Tories being their usual crap mess of corruption, incompetence and general contempt for ordinary people and the interests of the country. If they had bothered to negotiate responsibly, then when they realised the EU had no intention of doing the same actually planned for a controlled exit things would be a damned sight better but as usual they cocked it all up. Best thing for Britain would be if we could deport them to Brussels and get some competent and responsible politicians in, although unfortunately their in very short supply as the same sort of corrupt and/or ideological idiots dominate as they do in Brussels.

Unfortunately it looks like we will be paying through the nose to Brussels for some time to come while being denied any real say on our economy or ability to move towards true independence.

Its also a pity that so many people are falling for the manta that all opposition to Brussels is coming from hard-line right wing fanatics. Grossly inaccurate. In many cases groups like that are benefiting from Brussel's contempt for the concerns of ordinary people, whereas others are also benefiting on the left, as Italy and Greece shows. Like Macrone in his repulsive outburst on the 11th their confusing cause and effect. If Brussels got its head out of its ares then it wouldn't be facing so much unrest but the [self-proclaimed] deities who are certain they are right are likely to tear the entire structure apart.