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Cows are the real pollution 15 11, 6:57pm

You are aware that we voted the 'megalomaniacs in Brussels' into office, right? The members elect their representatives to the union, and then those representatives represent the opinions of the nations they represent.
Brittain choosing to step out or not is your choice; noone else have any right to tell you if it's right or not. Reverserly, if you do not want closer cooperation but still stay in the union, do not cooperate closer but do stay in the union. There are nations that are part of the EU on paper only, and there are nations that are outside on paper only. How closely they want to cooperate is their choice, but as long as there are nations pushing for full cooperation they will send representatives pushing for full cooperation.
That's how federal democracy works. The UK being one, you should know that. Hell, most democracies larger than a single city district are federal to some degree; to some the EU is nothing but a 5th or even 6th level of confederacy.

You are entiteled to your opinions, you don't have to agree with further unification, and you're not a worse person for disliking it. Some manner of affinity for your own nation and it's independence is healthy. But the main reason that the "if you're against cooperation you're a facist" rethoric have such a power is that many of the most outspoken critics use words like 'racial purity' and 'national purity' as if they were legally mandated to use them once a sentence. It's good to hear someone on the other side who is a voice of reason though. If we had more people like that it could have saved us a lot of trouble.