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Cows are the real pollution 16 11, 5:43pm


The problem is that often the pro-EU side often isn't as restrained as you. The basic reason I've long been opposed to the EEC/EU was because of the extreme language of its supporters, rather than of its opponents. Being repeatedly told that anyone who opposes EU membership is some sort of fascist or that Britain outside the EU wouldn't just be poorer but would be a disaster and by implication incapable of governing itself definitely puts my back up.

This was why Macron's outburst against 'nationalism' on the 11th offended me so much. Apart from the fact that with a knowledge of history I strongly dislike it being used for petty politics of course. He seems not to understand that a major reason why the political 'extremes' - because its happening on the left as well as the right, although the latter gets more attention - are growing in strength is because Brussels is refusing to consider their approach may have flaws.

I don't know about on the continent, although there are some nasty elements emerging in parts of eastern Europe, but definitely little if any such use of racial purity and such language in Britain and even groups like UKIP are stomping quickly on the occasional individuals that use such language. IIRC there was a case where the girlfriend of a Councillor I think it was made an outburst something like that and he dropped her like a red hot brick.

Its not just that I think the EU structure doesn't suit Britain or the dishonesty of some of the EU 'negotiators' - although that was only really made destructive by the incompetence of the Tories on the British side. There are clear problems being caused across much of southern Europe by the Euro and in eastern Europe by fears of immigration and the fact the EU insists that it wouldn't consider any changes in policy regardless of what people want is storing up tension and driving at least some of those who are turning to extreme elements as a result. There seems to be a basic disconnect between the population of the EU and those in charge who are intent on a centralised European 'national state' regardless.

Anyway, its good to hear someone who doesn't go off the deep end when discussing the EU. I'm the 1st to agree there are idiots and bigots on the British side but as I say find it frustrating that this is used as an excuse to blanket all opposition to the EU in the same narrow range when that's totally untrue.