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Cows are the real pollution 19 11, 6:59pm

Well, at least you're keeping the nasty elements in check. Parting as friends is preferable to sticking together and letting the tensions rise.
Much of the 'disconnect' seems to be between certain demographics and political factions: just because 80% wants to stay doesn't mean the other 20% will quitely accept; in fact, discontent people tend to be more vocal about issues than satisfied ones. With certain rights; we should try to see to the problems faced by all our citizens, not just the majority.
And just because I'm with the pro-union 80% doesn't mean I think the system is perfect; it has it's flaws, some fairly large ones, but I'm confident that we can solve them. Sadly, deliberate misinformation is the modus operandi for both sides, so I wouldn't expect any civil discussions soon.
And don't worry: there are moronic people on both sides (which is why the misinformation arguments work), and clever people on both sides (which is why the misinformation arguments are called out). In short, there are people on both sides. Until our peoples are educated enough to engage in informed debate, we won't get far. Keep fighting the good fight, and hopefully truth and democratic principle will win out.