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Cows are the real pollution 24 11, 11:25pm

You wrote :
"So no we definitely disagree on what the problem is. Britain has made serious internal problems but we have been badly done by the EU partly because it was designed for a different society, [continental, introvert, centralised]"

Continental, okay, it's obvious from the map. But what does that change ?

Introvert, come again. Brexiters are way more introvert than the "Continental EU-ers". My students went on Erasmus, I have a wife of another notionality than mine, I have two nationalities, I've got plenty of friends and colleagues who share this. Whenever we have a look at our ancestors, we don't need to go very far back to find we all have at least one ancestor from abroad. I even have friends who had grandparents from 4 different origins. If that is introvert...

Centralized ? Gosh you really didn't get how the EU works. I'll strongly advise to read on The Guardian comment section the explanations of Fabrizio Agnello (I'm not he.). Unlike the UK, where almost everything (apart from some limited devoted powers to Scotland, Wales etc...) is decided in Westminster, there are plenty of checks and balances in the EU. A single country or a group of large countries cannot decide for all the others. Even small members have the power to veto a decision until requirements are met.

You are unhappy with the EU, so am I (I find it should be a federation). I can understand that, but get at least the reasons for your discontent right.