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Cows are the real pollution 25 11, 5:30pm


You do realise why there is such discontent in the EU don't you? Attempts by the organisation to allocate immigration ratios for all states? The problems caused in the south by the Euro disaster and the refusal of its supporters to accept its screwing over those countries. Also the national veto disappeared several decades back. True when it suits the suits they will allow single nations to kick up a stink, such as the recent farce with Spain but that's simply because they wanted to put more pressure on Britain. Recall also how often when countries voted against EU decisions the reaction was 'hold another referendum and get it right [i.e. the result we want] next time.'

Macron's outburst about nationalism on the 11th Nov would have been meaningful if it wasn't the closed nationalism of the EU that was driving so many people into the arms of the extremists. I was mad at the time that he was seeking to abuse such a symbolic date for political purposes to degrade those who disagree with him, like any fanatic, but accept he could simply be stupid and blinded by his bigotry.

Yes there are serious problems in Britain where in many ways the Tories over recent decades have become very like the EU. Arrogant, contemptuous of ordinary people and buried in their own little world of delusion. Hopefully, if we can ever get out of the EU, rather than the limbo which May is trying to leave us in, we can then start to sort them out and get an half way decent government but with two sets of parasites preying on us and each blaming the other for their activities it makes it a damned sight harder.