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Cows are the real pollution 25 11, 11:38pm


You do realise that the Visegrad group are among the EU members with the lowest percentage of inhabitants of foreign origin i.e. between 1.6 and 4.7% of their inhabitants ?

Some people claim there are too many "foreigners" in their countries. If you did some research you'd notice that many countries of the "Western" world are around 10 to 15%. Hre are some interesting figures.

In the UK 13.2% of the inhabitants are immigrants.

In the USA 14.3%
In Germany 14,9%
In Canada 21.9%
In Australia 27.7%
In Singapore, usually the Brexiteers' favourite model... 42.9% !!!

And for Vatican city it's... 100%!!!

While for the Visegrad group, those who are the most vocal opponents to immigration :
In Hungary 4.7 % of the inhabitants are immigrants.
In the Czech Republic 4%
In Slovakia 3.3%
In Poland 1.6% !!!

So, if for some 13.2% is far too much, how many immigrants is just okay ? How many people of foreign origin are "tolerable" ? And I don't want to hear the mendacious nationalist crap.

I'm utterly fed up of the "let's-curb-the-number-of-foreigners" debate. The countries where the government, supported by the media, complain most, are the countries with the lowest number of people of foreign origin. The same seems to be true in England (not the UK) where counties with very low numbers of immigrants made the most xenophobic votes.

Unlike you I find that the EU has been way too mild with the (I will repeat myself) mendacious populists. I'd go even a step further, non-EU lobbies who fund populist hate-mongering in the EU should be banned, the non-EU citizens organizing them declared persona non grata in the EU, their assets in the EU seized.