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Cows are the real pollution 26 11, 4:39pm


I have no problems with actions against extremists, of any sort. I do have problems with extremists seeking to brand opponents as bigots and racists as a way of avoiding questioning their own actions. That's why Macron's outburst angered me so much, as well as him choosing to use the 11th Nov as a date for such a rant. Also should EU lobbies that fund hate-mongering be banned as well? Although I know you won't accept many of them as their EU bodies. Seizing private assets is getting dangerously close to purges of people the establishment doesn't like so less sure about that.

Actually in Britain the largest exit votes were often in areas with large numbers of migrants but as I said before while that was an issue there were plenty of other problems, most with the EU but I admit not all. [I think there was a general f**k you attitude to distant and contemptuous authorities since unlike in general elections for a referendum people could believe their vote mattered.

I notice you say nothing about the problems the Euro has caused across much of the Med region.

To make clear one point. Its not the Europhobs that has made me deeply unhappy with the EU. Its the Eurofanatics with their relentless hatreds, contempt for ordinary people and demands that everything be satisfied to their egos and delusions that have done that.