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The Easy Way 30 11, 12:01am

@Snickerwolf22 Well as an atheist, my biggest problem with the Bible is not the idea of God (which is not a refutable idea so it doesn't really matter to my scientific mind) but more the fact that people can consider it as something dictated by a supposedly all knowing being who would have written such ridiculous nonsense like the earth being created in 8 days or other stuff like humanity being 10 000 years old etc... I mean if you really think about it, it makes a lot more sense that this was all written by humans who just wrote what was the common belief on the universe at that point in time. And that is why their writings doesn't add up to what we know today.
But that doesn't mean that all that's written in it is completely useless nowadays nor that those who wrote it weren't brilliant people (well some were probably a little delusional though)... I mean Aristotle and Platon did write some stuff more than 2000 years ago that are still usefull today...
What i'm trying to say is that atheists don't really deny the existence of God, we just don't really see what's the point in believing in a supreme entity that is all powerfull and knowledgeable. What we deny (or at least are very doubtfull about) though is the fact that the Bible was written by someone who was inspired by a divine being because what he wrote doesn't really match what we know of the world today (which would have been also known by an all-knowledgeable entity).

That being said, we all have beliefs, should they be religious or not so it's not like I would hate you because you believe in something that is not that harmful (not anymore anyhow) at the end of the day.