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From the 700s to the 1200s, Baghdad was an Intellectual Cent 30 11, 1:16pm

@Louhikaarme Generally was a pretty poor time, though the aftermath of colonialism would of wrecked any nation. In order to ensure properly loyal local governments minorities who were particularly good at ass kissing were put in charge of arbitrarily designated colonial states that had no respect for local natural social and culturally boundaries, which inherently puts a strain on any. These minorities were heavily reliant on foriegn support to keep power and had ingrained themselves not only as an upstart minority but one who had abused their power over a long period of time becoming a de facto opponent.

Once pressure caused western powers to pull their military support out and leave them with only a majority population with ingrained hate for them and highly unstable politically boundaries the powder keg was the obvious solution. Basically you carved up the multiculturalism of the former late eraa austrian empire and put the czechs in charge in an absolutism situation then withdrew all support and expected the hungarians, austrians, poles, serbians, bosnians, croatians, italians(All 3 groups of them or so), romanians, slovaks, etc to be like "This is perfectly OK. We all pretty much outnumber them in both population and economic strength, we remember that we have brothers abroad and old borders and nations despite centuries of occupation, and they no longer have a foriegn teet to suck on. We're perfectly fine being loyal."

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