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The Rake 30 11, 10:45pm

To be fair, Trump actually has a point (shock and horror!). I guess there is a first time for everything. Americans tend to remove the branches of trees before they are cut down. Finns, on the other hand, remove the branches after the trees have been cut down. This is known as raking. Then the floor of the forest (yes, it is called the floor no matter what Seth Meyers and other American journalists and entertainers say) is cleaned from the branches. This combined with removing bushes and small saplings, and thinning the forest regularly are known as gardening. And gardening combined with keeping roadside vegetation short slows down fires and makes it easier for firefighters to do their job, even though the Santa Ana winds and the California droughts will make these measures less effective than they are in Finland.
A note: I think that Trump’s views on climate change are appalling, but ignoring these things would be stupid, because the climate change will get worse before it will get better, since we need energy to make the windmills, solar panels and electric cars that will eventually slow things down. Ignoring gardening measures is like ignoring seatbelts while waiting for people to learn how to drive better, because seatbelts do not prevent traffic accidents.