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The Rake 30 11, 11:32pm

@AinoKyllikki Meyers not knowing about forest floors (that's the phrasing English-speakers actually use) was silly. But intensive maintenance (forestry, not gardening in English) is not much of a solution. It isn't feasible with really extensive forest—northern Finland looks really different from southern Finland, same with northern California. Pretty enormous garden, man. Or forest that's really hard to even get people to—in California some forest is far from highways with minimal roads and trails and filled with gorges and cliffs. Or forest that naturally is filled with a heavy dry, thorny understory that would take gargantuan levels of effort to clear, and shouldn't be cleared because lots of animals live in it. Probably having some idea things might be different is why your president didn't suggest the intensive forestry techniques to Trump.

What California needs is controlled burns, because the forests there evolved around frequent fire (like a lot in North America, pretty cool really) and they've been putting out every fire for too long. Unfortunately, forests and scrub have become so flammable that any controlled fire in many places could (would) easily go out of control and no firefighters want to accidentally burn someone's house down and no governments want to evacuate people for a controlled burn... :(