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The Rake 1 12, 6:01am

'@Rogers' "Roads almost always go around hills and mountains, even where there is a strong logging industry."
I'm pretty sure that someone in Finland figured out how to lay a passable road in terrain like theirs, it will be possible in California too.

"Why should the Californians invest in expensive mountain roads for the logging industry when it's cheaper to do so in flatter parts of the world?"
Because for some reason Californians want to live in a state that catches so much fire that Japanese wanted to use it as a weapon during WWII.

"And even if they could afford"
Well, apparently they can afford $10 billion loss from the fire just in this year alone.

"it I doubt it would be enough to stop forest fires with Finnish methods."
Last time I've checked, Finland and California had approximately same laws of physics.
Unless something has changed, fire needs fuel and oxidizer. While plenty of people would like to remove oxygen from at least the most obnoxious parts of California, selective removal of fuel would probably be the most practical way to reduce the spread of fires.

"California is just too hot and dry."
And Hawaii just had too much of a volcano. People have three choices: 1) live somewhere safer, 2) live in places like that and make an effort to mitigate the risk sufficiently, 3) die a horrible burning death and/or lose all possessions once in a while.

Obvious issue that people pretend to pick 2, but do a shit job at it and go straight to 3.

Republican proposing a government intervention in private business, Democratic governor of Commiefornia fighting against excessive regulation. Inconceivable!