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The Rake 1 12, 6:04am

@merpius There are also plenty of national parks in Finland. From what some people here have been saying, it sounds like the wilderness in California is one huge national park, so forest management ought to be very limited, to keep the natural state. Of course occasional fires are also a part of the natural state. Commercial forests (tree farms) have been increasing over here lately because agriculture isn't overly profitable/competitive as far up north as Finland is. So, there are more and more forests closer to residential areas, but they aren't very combustible forests.

On the other hand there are also lots of mismanaged forests owned by estates (progeny of dead people) that pay no attention to them. They can be completely lacking thinning and look quite miserable, and won't produce prime lumber, although they would obviously still produce biomass of variable quality, good enough for pulp or future biofuels, I guess.